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Virtual Gallery StillClick here to view live web cam feed.
If feed is unavailable, please try again later. Please feel free to move the camera around as needed.

From Aug. 6 to Sept. 19, the gallery's summer hours are Wednesday through Friday, 11am to 5pm (Pacific time). From Sept. 22 to October 3, the exhibit will run Monday through Friday from 11am to 5pm (Pacific time). The space itself is viewable via webcam at all other times, but the installation will not be running.

gallery@calit2 offers a web camera feed for the online community with the aim to extend all exhibitions to a wider audience, not only locally, but internationally.

There might be times when the camera may be down due to bandwith limitations. If this happens please be patient and try again. If you have persistent problems in accessing the feed, please contact Gallery Coordinator, Trish Stone: tstone_at_ucsd_dot_edu.