CO2 Playground (2008)

By Gregory Niemeyer


Project website:



The CO2 Playground installation — consisting of slides, plants and sensors in its fullest incarnation — is a site of exploration for visitors to observe changes in air quality due to human and plant activity. It allows visitors to affect air-quality measurements through their activity and it is monitored via the website of its parent project, Black Cloud. The activities involve active exercise, still contemplation, as well as human presence and absence (due to gallery opening hours). The slides facilitate exercise (as allowable by venue regulations) and encourage a form of activity—to climb up slowly and slide down fast—that expresses the slow process of Oxygen generation and the fast process of burning Oxygen. The plant activities involve CO2 absorption and Oxygen production through photosynthesis, which is regulated by the quantity of available light. The proportion of plants and slides address how many plants are required to sustain human life. The project website shows continuous live feeds of data from the air-quality sensors, which have been placed in several of the exhibition venues,













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