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May 24, 2010: Ann Hamilton on Recent Works

Join us for a public lecture by Ann Hamilton at the Calit2 Auditorium, presented by Calit2 and the Department of Theatre and Dance. Reception to follow.

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LightGreenLight April 2, 2010: Panel Discussion and Opening Reception

Join us in conversation with artist Sabrina Raaf and curator Steve Dietz  of "A Light Green Light: Toward Sustainability in Practice"

Press Release | Panel Discussion video





BangLab April 8, 2010: Rally for Ricardo Dominguez at Library Walk

UCSD students, faculty and staff rallied in support of Ricardo Dominguez Thursday. 

How You Can Help the Bang.lab and EDT






May 3, 2010: Sixth College Students Visit Gallery

Sixth College students from the Spring CAT 3A class visited the gallery@calit2 Monday. The class, Sensory Perception and Social Experience, is taught by Jules Jaffe and Darrin McGraw.





SabrinaSteve March 21-26, 2010: Visiting Artist and Curator, gallery@calit2

Artist Sabrina Raaf and Curator Steve Dietz are in town this week to install the exhibition "A Light Green Light: Towards Sustainability in Practice"






March 4, 2010: Public Action at UCSD

Join the march with the UCSD Coalition for Educational Justice.






DML February 18, 2010: DML Conference at Calit2

Digital Media Learning Conference attendees gather in front of the gallery@calit2 exhibit "Overheard."







January 29, 2010: IR/PS Tour at Calit2

The gallery@calit2 welcomes visiting students from Tsinghua University, Beijing.






Overheard January 15, 2010: Panel Discussion at Calit2 Theater, 6-7pm

The public is invited to join us in conversation with Wendy Richmond and Michael Chladil about their interactive installation in the gallery@calit2.

Press Release | Video Interview






January 11, 2010: Visiting Artists at Calit2

Wendy Richmond and Michael Chladil visited Calit2 Monday Jan 11-Friday Jan 15, to install their piece "Overheard" in the gallery@calit2. Their visit began Monday morning with a tour of the Calit2 facilities.




November 20, 2009: Director Alex Rivera at the VAF, 1-3pm

The artist and filmmaker Alex Rivera will speak about his work and his recent film, SLEEP DEALER. The program includes a selection of short films by director Alex Rivera that address border issues. [2008, Mexico/USA, 90 min.]

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November 19, 2009: Sleep Dealer at the Loft

See the feature length Sci-Fi Border film Sleep Dealer at the Loft on November 19, including a selection of short films by Director Alex Rivera that address border issues. [2008, Mexico/USA, 90 min.] Director Alex Rivera and special guests will be in attendance.

(Sleep Dealer at the Loft)




Thursday October 15, 2009: Panel Discussion

Panelists include: José Ignacio López Ramírez-Gastón, Giacomo Castagnola, Camilo Ontiveros, Nina Waisman, Felipe Zúñiga, Fred Lonidier, and Lea Rudee

Moderator: Eduardo Navas